Thursday, November 01, 2007

So, I'm still in love

with grocery shopping online!!! Got my order today and before it was delivered the lovely lady at Tescos phoned to tell me it would be up to an hour late. It was, the delivery driver told me to phone them and get a refund on the delivery. Now I'm getting a £4.75 refund and the £1.68 they didn't give me credit for last week for the sunflower oil I didn't want as the substitution for the veggie oil I wanted.

It's bliss to have my cupboards and both the big freezer and the fridge/freezer in the kitchen filled up. Now I have to find a nice butchers and get some fresh meat in the freezer, then I will be a very happy women. LOL It doesn't take much to please me does it?


thrice said...

I love food delivery too, but I don't have the patience to listen to Hank gripe about the delivery and gas charge. What an ass. said...

I came across your blog on Time Goes By and wanted to see what an English housewife's life sounds like. Not very different from ours!
I'm living in a retirement home in Colorado and have started a blog to tell about how it is here and some of the funny/odd happnings and people. Please stop by if you live:

Best to you,