Saturday, November 10, 2007

Good job I didn't sign up for that

Spike on my couch
The one above is with my brother in law.

hubby and Spike

another of hubby and Spike

every day posting thing. I've ordered the new power cord for the lappy and as soon as it arrives I can catch up on my blog feeds, ehgads I've almost got 200 to catch up on.

It's not that my Spike is lazy, you know. He just likes his comfort giggle. He loves hubby and lays with him on the couch when ever he want too LOL.
I haven't cooked dinner for the last two night, fish and chips last night, KFC for lunch and Chinese for dinner tonight.
We have Georgia for the weekend so she's having dinners she likes. Love to spoil her a little bit.
Back when I get the new power cord.


Wendy said...

What a cute dog! What breed is he?

The other Vanda said...

Hiya Wendy. He is a cross between a Yorkshire terrier and who know's what else LOL.