Thursday, November 01, 2007


Is my favourite number. Went with hubby to see the prostrate cancer consultant and that was his PSA number. It's stayed at that number for the last three visits. Six months until his next check up.

While we were in Bury St. Edmunds we decided to drive into the town proper and walk around the market, go to the bank and post office. Surprise, surprise I enjoyed my walk around the market bought myself a new winter coat/jacket, a new fleece and nightie. Soooo enjoyed lunch at Burger King, was almost as good as the American Burger King, oh so very yummy. Hubby then drove me to Sudbury to Farm foods and I picked up six boxes for frozen garlic/breaded shrimp that I fry in a little olive oil and serve with boiled new potatoes and peas, omg they are a tiny taste of heaven gigggle.

We were out the door at just before 11 and had an hour plus wait at the hospital and we didn't get home until well after 4pm. I was exhausted and of course my back was killing me. Grrr I felt so good that I didn't take my handy dandy scooter with us. So I spent most of today sitting down in between doing 5 loads of laundry. Dinner is easy peasy tonight, shove in the oven, heat and eat. Liver and bacon for hubby and beef stew and duplings for me.

Tomorrow we head to Haverhill to go to the bank again to put some money in and pay a couple of bills then we need to hang around and get to Clair by 2pm so I can take the library books back and pick up the 8 or so I have ordered. A happy weekend of reading is in my future.

Maybe we'll go to the pub on Saturday to see what the new owner is like.

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