Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six years ago today

My daughter in law was due to fly from Newark back to Ontario airport, CA.

My daughter was taking a two week class in the WTC.

I telephoned my grand kids and talked to their great grandma who didn't know what time dil was supposed to leave Newark.

I couldn't get hold of my daughter to see if she was OK. Thank to the powers that be, she got in touch with me to tell me her class had been cancelled and she was safe in CA.

Hours late I got my dil's work phone number and talked to the people she worked with who knew that her flight wasn't until 11:30ish. At least I was able to give the grands some good news. Fortunately her co workers knew who I was and how close Wendy and I were.

This information took hours to gather and in the mean time my heart was breaking. The grand kids didn't know where their mummy was. God it was an emotional day, from heart breaking to joyful.

My heart and thoughts are as they are every year with the family and friends of those who were in the WTC who died and to the rescuers who didn't make it out in time.


~ nellenelle said...

As are mine, Vanda... interesting how much we recall, it's frozen in mind and in time.

totallyun-pc said...

Its the moment in time that we all know where we were! what we we were doing! and what we felt!

Vanda said...

What a very sad day, so pleased yours turned out OK :O)
Hope you're OK, thanks for popping by with the good wishes for Lisa. Can't believe she's old enough to leave home, where does the time go?
Take care xXx