Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stupid, stupid US ref!

How can you give Japan a free kick when the Japanese player had their arm around our players neck? Shit, we need instant replay in our football matches. Of course controversy about instant replay abounds and has been going on for years. Of course the referees don't agree LOL. Might show them up, ya know

England ladies you rock!!! Kelly Smith you rock and roll baby, with two fabulous goals. Heh, she kisses her football boots when she scores a goal giggle.

Japan 2
England 2

Friday England v Germany, or the mighty Germans as the commentator just called them. 11 goals to nil when they played Argentina. We have to win this match to stay in the World Cup matches. Not sure if my nerves can take two games in one week!

It was a damn good game all around. It did strike me as very funny though, that a lot of the Asians fans, were waving English flags.

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