Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How can you screw up eggs on toast twice

Well shit, the first time I broke one so cracked another on in the pan and one for me. 3 eggs waiting for me to take good care of them. Yeah right, all three of them are hard. OK, start again. Crack one into the pan, it broke. OK I can deal with that one, crack another for hubby he'll eat one hard egg then crack my one. I swear I cooked them like I normally to, took the lid off and fuck me the hard eggs again! Never cooked three hard eggs, twice in a row.

My fried eggs are famous in my family, soft over easy and oozing with butter. My grandkids and Georgia tell me I cook the best fried eggs in the whole wide world and like them better than anyone eles's.

I wish I was still raising chickens, I could have chopped them up and fed them to the girls. Sigh, what a waste.

Oh well, lunch filled the hole up as hubby just told me.

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Kay Dennison said...

I'll be over for brekky!!!!!!! lol