Thursday, August 16, 2007

Doggy poop bags.

Went to the post office today to pickup some eggs. While I was there I decided to snag a handful of the doggy do do bags. I was foiled in my attempt. Post master said, you can only take three lots. Oh why is that I asked. Well said Dick in his best posh huffy voice, the parish council has to pay for them you know so you can only have two lots!

When I picked my chin up off the floor I meekly took three piles and left. Come to think of it the parish council get £25.00 per household from our council tax. I wonder what they spend the rest of the money on besides putting flower pots in stupid places for the Village in bloom contest.

Maybe it's better to have dog poop all over the village.


susan said...

I'm stumped once again Vanda! Eggs and poop bags at the Post Office?? All we get are stamps and long lines.... :)

Vanda said...

Poop bags, never seen them at the post office, I wonder what our parish council is spending money on? lol!
Thank for reminding me that I hadn't nominated anyone for an award yesterday. Pop over to my blog and grab yourself one, us 'Vandas' have to stick together you know ;O)
I really don't know how I got my name. I know my Dad saw it somewhere and liked it but his story changes everytime I ask him!!
How did you get yours? xXx

Vanda said...

Ooo forgot to say, loving the new look. I adore pink X

Vanda said...

I have seen a photo of the Vanda orchid too, they're gorgeous aren't they :O) I used to hate my name as a child because all my friends could get pens & mugs etc. with their names on and there was nothing for me. A few years ago my cousin in America bought the TY beanie bear for me and her name is Vanda :O) I'll put a photo of it on my blog X