Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I decided to start blogging again and what a hassle getting back into my blog. Mind you I haven't looked at it since I stopped way way back LOL. I think I have two or three Google name and I got those from trying to comment on other blogs, but not ONE of them worked. So clicked on I forgot my password link. OMG you would have though I'd asked for the password for the main vault at Fort Knox. Ok, it wasn't that bad really but still, I know I allow Google cookies. Redid that, then something else and finally I got my info back into my hotmail account. Ummm I forgot that I had not changed my email address here. Must not forget to do that!

I wish I could put smiely thingies in my entries.

Yeh yeh I know how to spell smile, live with it spell check, I don't think I like this spell check very much. Ohhh I do like the autosave though, very nice.

Now I need to Goggle Henny Street to find out how to get there by road, not on the river:-)


susan said...

welcome back vanda!!!!! i quit blogger and moved to wordpress...google was taking over my life!! www.sixtwosue.wordperss.com

Karen of Scottsdale said...

Hooray, Vanda is back! Would you like some heat? It's in the triple digits here. Sending you some of our oven temperature from Phoenix.

Henrie said...

Hi, welocme back. I joined when you were away