Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Big Fat American

Pickles! I miss quite a few American foods, dill pickles being one of them. We were in the grocery store on Friday and dear hubby saw them and didn't buy them, oh no he just came back with the regular English gherkins! How could he do that, silly man. Back we went of Monday and now I'm the owner of two jars. Well, one jar and two pickles are all thats left LOL. OMG they were oh so so good and are going on my permanent list of things to get every week. I do wish I could find some blueberry pancake syrup, to go with the pancakes I can now make from the Bisquik that we found a few months ago. Mmmmm American bacon would be nice too, all crispy and, and oh I'm drooling thinking about all that food I miss.

Back to my kid sitting duties.

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Junebugg said...

I never thought about things being "American" until a friend moved to Holland. He sends notes stating "Send toliet paper" (????). His wish list include mayo, oreos and lots of other stuff.

Glad you dropped by, come back any time