Monday, July 23, 2007

Bird flu or West Nile virus.

Woke up yesterday feeling like i was going to die. Today I feel a tad better. We're kid sitting our great niece Georgia for 9/10 days. Feeling a tad better today we went to the park to feed the ducks and have an impromptu picnic. Most of the stuff we brought home but as least we have some nice nice fruit and nibble to have later or tomorrow. Must have a laundry day tomorrow. Right now I feel like I need to rest but have to make a prawn sandwich that G wants for dinner with garlic bread and we are having spaghetti. I love spaghetti for dinner along with the garlic bread. I think we still have some ice cream in the fridge for desert
The nice thing about living in the this very small village is that everyone knows Spike so I know she is safe going around the block on her own.Spike is going to be either worn out or slim and healthily with amount of times G takes him out for his walk.

God I need a nap.

Susan if you read this I can't get into your blog, would you leave me the URL in the comments section. I tried clicking on you name and got page not found and the other URL you left took to me and advertising page, sniff sniff.

Over and out.


susan said...

haha, i'm across the planet thinking the exact same thing..."god i need a nap!!!" we really are all one aren't we??? :)

my inane drivel can be found at if you have trouble napping just log on, you'll be asleep in no time vanda!!!

David W. Moskowitz MD FACP said...

If you think you have a bad flu, email me for our free clinical trial. The goal is to see if you'll get better within 24 hrs, instead of the usual 3-4 days it normally takes to get over a bad cold/virus.

Dave Moskowitz MD

Sheri said...

ha! laughing at this post cause i'm just sure i have west nile (wonder if "dave" can fix that too). i have three itchy itchy mosquito bites that are all swollen up. i'm such a baby. anyway, thanks for reading my boring boring blog.