Friday, July 20, 2007

Victoria Beckham

Well now, I bet y'all so glad she is living in the good old USA? Her -3 size and the pout face is just such a good role model for all of you. She is going to show all of you women and teenage girls just how to dress for success and stay stick thin. Oh boy if you are lucky that she will tell you how to loose all of your pregnancy weight in just two days. Oh and how lucky you are that the Spice Girls start their reunion tour in California. And what about David bringing English football to the attention to all of you baseball, hockey and football fans? Heck I bet by this time next year football will be the best loved sport of one and all. (can you just see me rolling around the room about now?)

Yep Victoria is my revenge for the Ozzy Osbourn tv show:-) Of course you could done me a really big giant favour and kept him and Sharron for good.

Truly, I do enjoy a good game of footy on the tube on Saturdays once and a while but I can't see the Beckhams' doing much for the game there.

And why won't that yellow highlighing on theword" tv" go away

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Susan said...

heehee, i posted about the same topic today Vanda!