Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One bright and cheerfull morning kid for rent

for two hours every day. I don't do mornings.. Hubby wakes me up with my coffee already in place by my couch and all I have to do is stagger out of bed, flop on the couch and indulge. I make the second cup and when that's finished you can then talk to me.

Holy cow, Georgia gets up full of beans sits next to me and chats and bounces away like well a chatter box on speed and then my brain fries and my head turns around with my eyes popping out like a mad women. So I'm looking for someone to take her off of my non function brain for two hours in the morning. Hours are varied but she will keep you entertained, loves all little kids, cats and dogs.

Any takers?

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Wander said...

I feel you pain....lol Elrod is staying with us for the summer. There are days when I think to myself if he could just be quiet for 5 minutes.