Monday, February 27, 2006

Treatment day 1

Three hours from door to door 54 mile round trip. Giggle neither of us are keen at getting up at the crack of midnight, well 6 am. We're a owls not larks let me tell you. The traffic wasn't' to bad until we got about 1/2 a mile from the hospital then it was bloody rush hour sloooow and of course once we got there, there wasn't any parking. Luckily John has a disabled badge and the traffic guys told him he could park on the double yellow lines as long as he has it displayed in the car window. You'd think the Oncology department would have more parking spaces.

One of the treatment machines is still down so everyone had to wait for the one machine. John's appointment was for 9:25 and he was seen at 10:10. First he had a talk with the nurse, which I wished I'd been there for. She told him to use Johnsons baby soap or some other kind of cream on the treatment area and he couldn't remember what that was, so typical of John. Not to use a body scrubby and generally be very gentle cleaning that area. He was gone about 15 minutes all told and she told him after the 2/3rd appointment it would be a lot quicker. It's getting the machine calibrated and recorded for him that will take the time. Oh, and he has to have a full bladder every treatment. He has to drink lots of fluids during the treatment period. John asked her if that included beer! Trust him. Mind it's only about once ever 4/6 weeks that he drinks when his brother and wife come up to see us, so she told him no more than 3/4 per month.

Much to Johns surprised his hip is feeling like it's bruised. Neither of us expected that to happen. So we'll see what tomorrow brings.

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