Sunday, October 02, 2005

Almost 3:30 Sunday Morning.

I'm tired of being up and awake this time of the morning, I'm even more fed up that I haven't been asleep....again.

Back pain go away and don't come again another day.

I know the doctor won't tell me anything tomorrow but hopefully it'll get the ball rolling to find out if it's all in my mind or not;-)

I need to go to the library today. One of the books thatI ordered has come it. I'll be reading when we get home. I think it the Tess Greshem, oh hell can't spell her name now sheese. Couldn't think of a better way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.
I ordered a 5 Jeffery Deaver books on Johns library card this afternoon. He's got a new book out and I'm only 58th on the reserved list. I might get it next year. I wonder when the other 8 I have on order are going to come in. Come to think about it, I nearly always check out the max books (10) wonder if that's why it's taking so long for me to get the others.

Must get hold of my daughter, she still hasn't phoned me about what's going on. Need to find out if grandson Casey is still living in the Simi Valley with his dad. I read online about the huges wild fires near L.A. God t hat's something I don't miss.

Not sure who's snoring the most, John or Spike. Damn that dog snores like a human LOL.

I'm in a pretty good mood considering.

I'm hungry, but don't want to clatter around in the kitchen in case I wake John up. Ever since I've known this man, he has woken up and asked me if I'm alright. Sometimes we talk, once and a while he'll get up with me, and have a cuppa. I don't know why he gets up LOL.

Maybe I need to stop rambling on about nothings:0)


Anonymous said...

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~ nellenelle said...

Bailey snores, and Logan did. Since my ex was a major league snoreasaurus, it could be higly entertaining...

I just bought a Barbara Delinsky paperback, The Summer I Dared...

Emsxiety said...

My husband snores so loud I've considered smoothering him with a pillow.

Vanda said...

I snore to nellen, and it aint a soft ladylike snore either:-)

heheh Em, been there done that,but bet my hubby has had the same thoughts about me.