Friday, September 30, 2005

Winter clothes are out of hiding.

Yep it's that time of year again. I put away most of my summer stuff and got out the winter snuggles. Strangely enough I do wear a lot of my summer tops in the house all through winter. John really feels the cold, and we tend to keep our house overly warm. I know he's cold, I feel his hands and feet and they are freezing. Oh the joys of a stroke...NOT!!!!!!

I love October, cool crisp days, the clocks go back so we have those looooooooong dark nights that I hate. But the weather is normally great this time of year. I love the smell of wood smoke in the air, makes me wish we had a wood burning fire, instead of the central heating in the front room.

We need to take Spike to the pet store and have him measured for a new coat. The one he has now was given to us and it really doesn't fit him very well. Along with a new lead and collar that's his Christmas gift. Anyone else buy their dogs Christmas prezzies?

Pain clinic on Monday, you know I have this nasty thought that I'm going to told it's all in my mind and I really don't have any pain. Yep I'll lose it for sure.


~ nellenelle said...

I hate such dismissals.

Pets...yup. Always something for them under the tree. As for cold, give John some premarin, then watch the clothes fly off and the thermostat go down... ;-)

Emsxiety said...

I don't have dogs.. but I do buy my cats christmas presents, yes i seriously do!!