Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm beginning to hate this time of morning.

I went to bed at about 12:30/1am. I just couldn't get comfy. If I laid on my right side my hip hurt, left side....... hip hurt, on my tummy, yep my back hurt. I can't lay on my back either LOL. Sheese what a women.

As soon as the pain doctor gets a letter sent to my GP (she's going to send me a copy) I can take that to him and get started on the new meds. One of them is Gabapenin and a new muscle relaxer. It's just nice to know that I really do have something wrong with me and she didn't tell me it was all in my mind or some such thing.

Isn't medication is a wondrous thing. I take Varapamil, a heart drug to stop cluster headaches. It works great. Gone from one almost every 24 hours to one once and a while. Now I'm going to take an antisizure medication to stop least I hope it works. Thinking positive on that.

I hope you all sleep soundly tonight.

RIP Ronnie Barker.....................and it's a good night to you. You will be missed.


~ nellenelle said...

I'm glad they can give you something to help, and equally glad the other meds are working... sleep is so important.

Emsxiety said...

Yes, get sleep when you can. It's very important!