Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I feel horrible about it

but no matter how I feel about the Georgia girl, I could never have her live with us. At 59 and well on my way to being an OAP, I no longer have the patience of that 30/40 year old that's still inside me.

She was an angel on Sunday night and all day Monday when I had the 48 hour tummy bug and twice yesterday she turned into the child from hell. I came so close to hitting her that I locked myself in the kitchen with my cigarettes and coffee for 10 minutes to calm down. Then last night we had such a lovely two hours sitting next to each other reading. Talk about Jekyll and Hyde. John spend a lot of time with her writing, reading and snuggling when they watched TV while I was down and she always gets lots of cuddles from me.

This morning she wanted to go home so she could see some friends who visit their grandma next door to where G lives. Not a problem we have always told her that she can go home when she needs to. She wanted to take Spike for a walk before she left, but when he got outside he felt the rain and ran like hell back in, G had a bloody fit right outside the front door because he didn't want to go with her. I ended up dragging her in by the hood of her coat because she flat out refused to stop screaming and yelling at me and would not come in.

I'm at loss what to do with her the next time she comes to stay to help her not be the angry child she is, at least while she is with us.

I going to eat some trifle to cheer me self up!


IamDerby said...

Dont feel horrible about it. Having a child in your home is a 24 hour job. I know my mom (who loves her grandchildren dearly) can only take so much. She has raised her two and she is done. She will take them for a day or two but it wears her out (she is 57). I just have to ask what is OAP? Is it the British equivalent of Social Security?

Kay Dennison said...

I know you want to help but you can only do so much. Perhaps counseling would help? Check your library for books on dealing with angry children. Have you asked her why she's so angry? You might be surprised at her answer.

It's okay for you to be stressed over this and give yourself time out. I am keeping all of you in my prayers!

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