Thursday, March 06, 2008

0 People

How about you?
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people with my name
in the U.S.A.">How many have your name?


Loth said...

Hey! I appear to be unique too! Clearly we are very special individuals. Thanks for the comment on my blog - it is indeed very cool that my boy is willing to be seen in public with me, never mind running with me! Hope your daffs survived the gale!

Kay Dennison said...

There's a small bunch of Kay Dennison but I had to laugh when they said there was 0 with my daughter's name. If she left the country, I haven't heard.

Katy said...

I have such a weird last name that I don't need to check. I'm it.

IamDerby said...

Hi there Vanda!
Thanks for the nice compliment you left me. I want to send you an egg box.... email me your address and I will ship your box over the pond. My email is derbylea at

Ladies from Colombia said...

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