Monday, September 25, 2006

Where do I fit in?

I'm not a war baby I was born three years after the war ended. Oh my, that means I was born in the first part of the last century. Damn that feels old especially since I can remember sweets being taken off rationing.

I'm not a baby boomer. Baby boomers were born after 1950 I think.

I'm part of the forgotten ones, LOL.


Chunks said...

You're a Boomer too!

Teena said...

I'm just at the tail end of being a boomer.

alphawoman said...

Aren't BB's considered BB's if they are born after WWII..which is 1946 to the cut off of 1964. You're in sweetie!!

Kim said...

Yeah, you're a Boomer! I'm a boomer ('57) and my little sister just made Boomer status ('64).

Boomers of the World Unite!