Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Energy level high,

pain level 7 1/2 but going down as I sit and drink my coffee and have a cigarette. Thank you little white pills that I stick under my tongue LOL.

I have taken the vacuuming and dusting from John. Bless him he's done that for years because of my back pain. But, the garden looks dreadful, full of weeds and over grown. We can't hardly see the flowers that are beginning to bloom. I just can't do weeding and just about anything else in the garden. So, last night I told John I'll do all the housework and you just concentrate on the outside. LOL I'm very fond of saying "no save this that and the other". Eeekk I told him to take out anything he needs to, to get it into shape. Phew at least my roses and poppy's are safe.

Today I've vacuumed the living room, Johns bedroom and part of the hall way. Just have my bedroom and the rest of the hallway to do when I've had a break. Note to self: Don't forget Spike needs a walk next!!!! And I broke my cardinal rule that says dusting before vacuuming. Oh well once and a while won't hurt.

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Irish Church Lady :) said...

Hi there
I'm having trouble reading your post from May 30th. It's cut off at the bottom and I can't get to the permalink to read the whole thing. On my screen it ends at "Sigh. Of course Pam can't..."

There are no more posts after that. Just pink screen.

Also, I don't see any links at the right to history / archives so I could try to get at it that way.