Monday, May 08, 2006

Tongue sandwich

Now I know most of you North Americans are going to be saying EWWWWW! But you have to remember that I was born in 1948 and England was still suffering the effects of WWII. I remember clearly sweets being take off rationing and the **silver threepenny piece my Nan gave me to spend to celebrate. So I was raised eating liver, tongue, hearts kidney and so forth. And I still like them. About the only new offal I tried in the US was chicken livers and I like them too LOL.

Oh stop pulling faces, if a cold wind blows your face will stay that way.

Anyway we were grocery shopping a few weeks ago and I saw tinned tongue on the shelf. I know I haven't eaten tongue since I was about 16 or so. Wondering if I still like it, I popped a tin in the shopping cart. Today as usual I asked John what he wanted for lunch, much to my total shock, instead of the usual "I don't mind," he said lets have a tongue sandwich.

One sandwich later that we both really enjoyed, I know that a tin of tongue will go in the shopping cart every once and a while.

Don't knock it if you haven't tried it;-)

** To be hones to much time has passed since the old money and I can't remember the correct spelling. Might be thrupney piece LOL.


Cate said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I can't even imagine (I'm what the world often terms: "a picky eater")--I'm sure that I've missed out on a lot of delicious foods! Glad it tasted the way you remembered it!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading that I remember the threepenny piece and still have one ~ Ally

Emsxiety said...

Umm yeah.. my face can stay like that. The only tongue in my mouth is mine.. oh and sometimes my husbands but I don't eat either of them!!!!

Lee said...

LOL, gam...I'm sorry that's gross...maybe a tofu version?

Who's Askin'? said...

oooohhh Vanda! I'm one of those wimpy North Americans---tongue?! I only hope it comes as some sort of paste and not an actual tongue flapping between your bread slices. LOL!!

I'm glad it brought back fond memories.

Anonymous said...

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