Sunday, May 07, 2006

Pain level 8

Sighhhh, and a positive note I go to the pain clinic on Thursday. But I know what this visit is going to be about. I'm supposed to take 700 mg 3xday of one of my medications. Except the manufacturer doesn't make the 350mg pills anymore. Sooooo I've been taking 5 125mg 3xday. My GP isn't happy about me taking "so many" pills. Now I figure that if I'm taking or close to taking the right dosage does it matter if it's 5 instead of 2? It's not my fault that they can't get the 350mg ones. I have tried various different meds for this one problem and they don't work. I wonder why they want to fix something that isn't broken, you know?

So this time I know that she's isn't going to want to talk about my pain level. Guess what sweetie, we sure are going to. Besides I had to cancel the Facet Joint Injections last month and I won't to know if I'm going back on the list, to be honest I'm not sure I want to have them at all but I'll try anything at this point in time.

I wouldn't mind doing stuff that makes the pain worse, if I could replace one of my meds for one that I could take that gives me some relief after I'm done. I know there isn't anything that will make the pain better but surely there is something out there that will help just a little bit.

So this is where I'm at, at the moment.


Emsxiety said...

((Vanda)) 8 sucks!

~ nellenelle said...

Sending ya good thoughts for that visit, Vanda, and hope it works out the way you wish...


Shelly said...

I am sorry you are hurting so bad


gembrenvic said...

Thankyou for dropping by my journal ~ I have put you on my alerts so will be coming back to yours ~ Ally