Monday, May 01, 2006

No entry for a few days

All I'm going to do is complain about the pain, which isn't getting any better since I fell over. I'm walking just about double and if my sil and bil think I'm walking to the pub tonight they have another thought coming. LOL we can't afford to go anyway and I have a couple of bottles of wine in the fridge. I don't drink except once in a blue moon and I've been craving a glass of wine for weeks. Think I'll suggest that we stay in and drink wine.

Roll on May 11th when I go to the pain clinic.

Updated to say: they are at the pub and didn't mind at all that I didn't go. I'm liking the hour or so on my own with just Spike for company. I know complain about bil and sil but they are really nice and I enjoy their company. It's just the lack of making up the mind thing LOL. So no wine for me but I shouldn't drink anyway with the morphine patch. Boy I do still do really, really fancy a glass of wine. Maybe with next Sundays dinner. Brian and Carol will be going home tomorrow. Poor Brian was bored out of his skull. He's still recovering from heart surgery and can't do as much as he'd like. At least this quick visit got them both out of the house and away from the kids:-)

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