Sunday, April 30, 2006

Oh Joy! Thank you Spike

Now that spoiled cute dog doesn't look like he could cause me problems does he?

HA! He decided to roll in fox dropping while we were on his walk. Thank goodness for that "voice" of mine that could stop kids and dogs in their tracts. I shouted at him and he stopped straight away so he only got the stuff on his chest and one leg.

After a half bath with me sitting on the front step he looks and smell just like he should giggle.

But because he's my baby I forgave him in a heart beat and he still got his treats.


Pam said...

Och, don't you just hate when they do that? With 3 dogs, I have had my share of unplanned baths after walks in the woods!
I have sailed on one of Royal Carribeans cruise ships, Rhapsody of the Sea which would now be their 3rd largest vessel. It was very nice.
Thanks for stopping at my place. Pam

Pam said...

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

I can just hear that voice...LOL