Thursday, May 25, 2006

News from the bird feeder.

The starlings aka the Yobs, are teaching their little one's how to survive in the great outdoors. That's great, just what they should do you know? Except do thy have to do it on and under my bird feeder for hours on end? Those little buggers are bloody noisy and they screech in high pitch tones that can hurt your ears LOL. The little guys stand on top of the feeder and mamma get to put the fruit and seeds into their ever gaping, screeching beaks.

They babies are totally cute with their brown fluffy feathers and looking nothing like their parents. It's kind of cool watching them grow up and see them start to eat the seed themselves and not panic when mamma flies away, not like a few days ago. I've seen some baby Sparrows but not very often. I need to find a picture of the beautiful Linnet that is coming to the bird feeder more and more often.

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