Sunday, May 28, 2006

He said, She said

He said: you are my favourite daughter and deserve to loved in my Special way.
She said: Your mother is a lazy bitch and doesn't want you anymore.

He said: I love my Special daughter, while he felt my budding breasts.
She said: You're so ugly you can't wear glasses anymore, it might make you look human.

He said: My Special Love is better at night.
She said: You bitch, why are you wetting the bed you little bitch? 11 is to old to wet the bed, there's something wrong with your brain.

He said: where did you get those bruises on your back, as he looked in the mirror at himself giving me his Special Love.
She said: I was a bad, bad girl and the little bitch talked back to me.


Karen of Scottsdale said...

I know what this is about. I was five when a teenage boy molested me. Unfortunately a lot of women know this pain.

Thank God that not all men are like that.

SwampHag said...

I am so sorry that anyone, man or woman, has been through this. That anyone can heal from such cruelty is always amazing and humbling to me and yet I see it all the time.

I am glad you have John in your life. *hugz*