Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mmmmmm food and other things.

I defrosted a pork roast yesterday for Sunday dinner. I've never ever been able to make the skin crackle. Ah Ha! I've found a way to have lovely crackling. I cooked it in my top over because the big oven is STILL broken. Oh my it's sooo good. Yes I know it's not healthy, and it's fatty and you know what? Giggle I don't care, so there. Mind, this is only the second time I've had it since we came home in 2000. Maybe in another five years I'll cook it again.

I had no idea what to cook for dinner yesterday. I have full freezer and nothing that I fancied for dinner. I know I should have gone shopping but I didn't. Then the KFC commercial came on. I swear John and I could smell it. So I took John for a drive to get some money from the ATM and go to the nearest KFC. It's only a 20 minute drive from our house;-) And we enjoyed every last bit of it.

Poor John started to feel really dizzy while we were waiting to be served so he had to go sit in the car. Man he looked bad, this is driving him nuts. He wanted to go for a walk with my this morning to the village shop, he stood up, walked to the bathroom and I had to help him back to the couch. He was an dreadful grey colour. Something else to talk to the doctor about tomorrow.

If I won the lottery I'd move back to Californian. I miss my grandchildren desperately. I so want to be there when my Great granddaughter is born in August. Of course it would have to be a huge lottery win, so I could afford to pay medical bills. Dreams, where would I be without them?

I got some of the worst library books from the library that I think I've ever checked out. Ok, a few of them were pretty good. I have one book left and no interest in reading it. I think I'll go on Tuesday and see what I can find, that might keep me occupied for a while.

Spike is still looking so cute from his last grooming. The local kids keep coming to the house and take him for a walk. It's been great, he's loosing weight at long last. But I don't think he'll last for two months between grooming visits. I must remember to make to change his next appointment from July to June.

Dinner is about ready, it smells so good. Roast pork, roast spuds, cauliflower, broccoli, and peas with sliced peaches and Cornish ice cream for desert. LOL maybe I should say supper because neither of us every eats desert right after dinner.


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Oh your dinner sounds so good!

~ nellenelle said...

Great granddaughter? You aren't much older than me, my dear Vanda... ayeeeeee! (and congrats)