Saturday, April 22, 2006

Another first at the bird feeder.

This is the second day we have seen this pair, I don't think I've ever seen such shades of shiny black feathers on one bird before.


Jeannette said...

We do not see many rooks around, here. Well, not in gardens. They are plenty out in the countryside, what we have left of it lol

Vanda said...

Even though I live in a small village in the country I wa was so suprised to see them at my bird feeder.

Thanks for visiting Jeanette, nice to see you here.

Karen of Scottsdale said...

Do remember the boat grackels in Phoenix? They look similar to a rook but apparently they are not of the same bird family. I enjoy birdwatching myself and was surprised to see a quail on my back wall a few weeks ago. There are quail all over Phoenix but I rarely ever see any in my neighborhood. Other parts of Scottsdale have them in abundance.

Vanda said...

I don't remember them Karen. We lived in large complex and only saw birds once and a while. You know now I'm going to have to look the Boat Grackels up just in case I know what you are talking about:-)

When we had our own businees in Phoenix, we had medical deliveries to make in the wilds of Cave Creek and Scotsdale and all points N,S,E,W of Phoenix we did see some great desert birds.