Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mad about tea

Well I used to be. I've had tea since my mum put it in my bottle. I used to love it drink it anytime day or night. When we lived in Phoenix we used to drive from there to a little English shop in Scottsdale and stock up on English tea, sausages and a lot of other stuff. We even found a English shop miles away from where we lived in Apple valley, CA and always spent a fortune. I like Lipton tea too, but English tea was our treat.

Months after we came back from the USA in 2000, I suddenly went right off it. I always had it very strong with milk, no sugar. I've been a coffee drinker for many years so it really wasn't any hardship even though Johns family thought I was weird going off it, giggggle I think they think I'm really weird anyway. I didn't mind drinking tea black.

About a month or so ago I tried a cuppa and it was just about ok because I made it with two tea bags and made it very strong. I didn't drink much black tea until about a month ago when I started using the pain patch. One of the side effects of it is nausea and drinking coffee made it much worse. So I tried black tea. It's not to bad at all, I drink it every once and a while and always when I have nausea and it seemed to help it a bit. I enjoyed my black tea this morning and lo and behold I just noticed that the nausea is almost gone. Ahhh the healing power of tea, once again proved its self.

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