Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I have made a decision

My friend wrote this in a post (down below) to me at the other place and you know what she's so right. Damn that women;-) gives such good advice! I'm lucky to have such great online friends!

I do need to learn to live with this, I thought I had but deep down I've been thinking that I can do anything when I want. And you know what I can't. John's been telling me that I have to learn to live with it, and I keep saying I have, hahaha yeah right! In the back of my mind is maybe the Facet Joint injections will cure it, maybe after that I'll do the water thing and poof I'll be pain free. Could happen but now I'm not counting on it.

So thanks my friend for being you.

BTW I wasn't planning on killing myself, but at times I do over medicate, but no more!

As for the kill yourself, cause yourself pain doing shit you shouldn't, you know what? You gotta do what you have to do. You figure out what the fuck you can do to keep yourself from pain/health issues and you figure out what of those things you can

1. Live with

2. Care to live with 99% of the time, but occasionally do, even though you suffer

3. Have to say fuck it and know that it is a sucks idea but realize that a person is not a condition/disease/experiment with perfect conditions and live life anyway.

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