Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Visit to the doctor

As I've said before I generally don't get on with female doctors. But I'm seriously thinking about changing my GP to her. I explained to her that the 3 day pain patch wasn't working for a week like my GP wanted me to use it for. So she put me on it for three days then change it. Yes! a result. She thought that he put me on it for 7 days so I would get used to it because it's morphine based. And she gave me 5 refills, phew. She did give me another refill for the anti nausea meds but these are only supposed to be used short term. Sooooo as she's changed me to every three days she said I can use them for a month then shouldn't need them anymore. Yesterday the pain patch went into the 5th day and I'm having a bad back day today. Got to pick up the Rx this afternoon when it's signed then take it to the next town that has a pharmacy tomorrow.

Oh boy, I get to start taking afternoon naps again LOL the first three days on the patch I get very tired. Most times I don't sleep but just doze but that seems to work. I've always loved taking an afternoon nap, it's kind of like eating mashed potatoes as comfort food. Napping is comforting to me LOL.


Denise said...

Interesting. Pain patches are something I keep saying I want to learn more about because it's interesting medicine, but I never have time to really explore them.

Here's hoping you and your docs find something that really does help.

Vanda said...

There are is a lot of information out there and quite a few different pain patches. I like them because it's cut down on my pill taking, sheese I take enough with adding 3 more a day. I don't have to think about them just the day I have to change it.

If you want I can give you some links, save you looking it up. I know your time is short.

Karen of Scottsdale said...

Just dropping by to say happy Valentine's Day!

Vanda said...

Thanks Karen, hope you have a nice one too my friend

~ nellenelle said...

Only patch I've used are estraderm. I can see the advantae of patch delivery, more consistent, less wear and tear on your liver.

Hope it all works for you!


Emsxiety said...

My husband uses the transdermal patches and absolutely loves them. They have truly been a life saver for him. They help keep a constant flow of medication, my husband changes his every 48 hours, surprising your doc had you going a week on a pain patch meant to last 3 days. What mg are you on?

Vanda said...

Em, I use the Transtec 35ug/h generic name is Buprenorphine. I'm going to put the third one on tomorrow (MOnday).

I can't belive how much better the pain is after just six days. The only other side effect I get is quite a bit of nausea after I eat. But this to shall pass.