Saturday, February 11, 2006

I don't think I'll ever say that

I'm having a good pain day again. I really did have a great pain free day. Had a nice early night, went to sleep quickly but I've been up for over an hour in bloody agony. My muscles want to curl my back in wierd shapes and the bones are huring so badly I want to dig them out to stop the pain! Sighhhhhhhhhhhh. I've taken extra pain pills and the muscle relaxers but to no avail. I shouldn't even be taking the paracetamol and codeine in case it make the morphine work extra I get to much into my system. At the moment I'm thinking bugger that I don't care!!!!!!!

Ah well when I wake up in a few hours it'll be a new and a painfree day. I can always hope.

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~ nellenelle said...


I hope you can get it to where it let's you sleep, Vanda...