Thursday, February 23, 2006

LDR's is a strange creature

I have no trouble telling my on line friends, most of whom I've known since 1998, that I love them. The know me inside out LOL Y'all know who you are.

One person has become so very special to me and so she says I'm very special to her.

Given the time zones I'm online much earlier than she is, but then she knows what time I'm on in the evening, which is her late afternoon. Sighhhh She can only be bothered to talk to me about once a month for no longer than 5/10 minutes when she can spare the time. We've talked this out this but nothing has changed The only conlustion I can come up with is that she's moved on. That's ok I just wish she had the guts to tell me. I'm so very unhappy about this situation, or maybe it's time for me to move on.


Denise said...

It's time, sad as that may be. It's definitely time. :-(

Vanda said...

I'm thinking that you are right. Sighhh.

Vanda said...

It's just so depressing ya know?

~ nellenelle said...

Yes, it is time to move on. Moving on does not mean we stop caring, and that likely explains the lack of a clear break... and my guess is the caring is there.

Paths cross in life, who knows if that crossing is for but a moment in time or something other? Likely it happens for some reason not always apparent, but we take something out of it that becomes clear later.

Your paths crossed, and you stepped into something latent within you hid for a whole lot of your life, just as I did... you touched your inner self, you grew... and that is likely the legacy, something you can think on fondly, carry with you as you move forward.

I know it's tough Vanda, goddess knows we have all suffered these things, and not much I say can take away what you feel towards this break, but try to think on where it brought you.

Many, many *hugs*


Emsxiety said...

((((VANDA)))) My heart goes out to you!