Saturday, January 14, 2006

neuropathic Pain sucks big time.

There isn't anything to see, nothing shows up in an Xray and really if you think about it, all it is just a doctors opinion. Sometimes I wish I'd had a broken bone in my spine, then at least it could be seen. And then there are the people in your life who have back pain everyday and just don't understand why you're making such a fuss about a little bit of back ache. God, someday's I wish my sil's could have the amount of pain I have. How can you explain the symptoms, like I can't stand water on my back, I can't wear jeans or dress pants because they hit the exact spot that sets of the pain big time, even using a heat pad can do the same thing.. I have to be careful what kind of underwear I wear just in case it hits that bloody spot.

Both my sil's are shocked that I'm going to get a pain patch for a little backache! When I ask them if they have been to the doctor for their back pain, the answer I get is well he won't do anything. LOL I've told both of them to be assertive and make the doctor investigate it. And that is like talking to a brick wall. Sometimes they make me feel like a bloody wimp!

I'm having computer issues today as if that wasn't enough I have the dreaded lurgey.


Calvin Leonard said...

Hope you're feeling better today

Denise said...

Good grief, ignore the darn spammer and your sil too.

Emsxiety said...

My husbands pain is a neuropathic pain and because they can't see it, he gets the looks and comments too. Not so much from family anymore, they've seen the changes in him up close and personal.
Ignore the spammer and the SIL, I believe you are having real pain!

~ nellenelle said...

Um, it's impossible for one person with back pain to assume another has a similar degree of pain. Who the hell knows, and how do we measure? If someone says they are in pain, then... they are in pain.

Pay no heed to them, vanda...