Monday, January 16, 2006

I'm shocked, really I am.

I got the letter from my pain doctor this morning. She wants me to come off off the Tylex because I'm taking to many of them and they can damage the liver. So I'm happy about that. And she's wants me to go on a pain pain patch called Temgesic.

Now my GP knew this weeks ago when I couldn't take the Lyrica but he told me, you'll just have to hope the Tylex work. Um I'd like to know why the hell he didn't put me on it before.

Anyway I had doubts if he would even prescribe it to me. Now why am I shocked? I just got a phone call from his office that they prescription was ready for me to pick up. Now normally you get a letter telling you the doctor wants to see you but an actual phone call is nothing short of a miracle LOL. Any way I have an appointment with him tomorrow evening that I'm going to keep and pick up the rx in the morning get it into a pharmacy in the next town. So I have it in hand when I go to see him.

So here's thinking positive that this pain patch will work. Half a patch every three days for two weeks, then a whole one every three days. Oh and not forgetting the anti nausea medication that I have to use until I get used to it.

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~ nellenelle said...

Yay! Here's hoping the patch helps...