Friday, September 23, 2005

Making my smiel.

The yobs were at the suet balls again this morning, they are so funny! A robin paid us a visit as did the coal tit, blue tits, sparrows, lovely doves and of course the dang pidgeons LOL. A very pretty green finch and another bird that wsn't on my list of local birds so I have no idea what it was.

Most of my feathered friends visit late afternoon, so I was suprised to see so many before 2pm.

The doves are enjoying a nice feed as I type LOL.

Put a bird feeder up outside the window you look out the most and bring a smiel t0 your face everyday.


Denise said...

I really need to find a better window feeder for the office window. I rarely go in the back yard anymore to enjoy our feeders. The yard is a mess and it depresses me to sit out there and not clean it up lol.

Vanda said...

Move it. I can't believe howmuch I enjoy mine. Brings a smiel to my chops every single day.

~ nellenelle said...

kewl that you can hang suet out without a bear paying a visit!

Vanda said...

LOL Nellie, glad I don't have a bear problem!!!!!