Sunday, September 25, 2005

I need some help with this blog.

Sooooooooo who's going to be wonderfully, super doper nice and transfer my feeds from my old blog to here. I'll give you the pass words, I just can't figure it out, and you'll have my gratitude for ever.

The yobs were at the bird feeder again today, we're getting more and more birds every day.

I've talked John into cooking dinner tonight LOL, that a once and a while thing.

I'm gong to lay on the bed and see if I can get rid of this f'ing backache for a little while. GIVE ME STRONG DRUGS!!!!! I don't want to be in this much pain anymore.


~ nellenelle said...

Go to your old template, copy it all as a word document, and send it to me... then copy your new template to word, and send that file to me... we should be able to edit it for ya.

Denise said...

Feeds? You can't read feeds via blogger. You can add a blog roll to the right column but that won't autofeed new posts like you read in Bloglines.

But as rayeellen said, if you copy your current template and give her (or someone) the links in your feed that you want on the blogroll, we can get it edited. (You can't copy the bloglines blog template, there's no such thing - it doesn't work that way)