Thursday, September 22, 2005


Grrrrrr I just deleted the whole of my post.

A Ramble for today. Thursday, September 22nd.

Ok, it's now 5:00am, pitch black outside I can't even see the bird feeder. The only light is from my laptop. This is one of the few times I wish we had an upstairs instead of living in a bungalow. I could have finished off the kitchen and had the ironing done by now. Yeah, I know I'm nutso. I love to iron IF and when the moods strikes.

Oooohhhhh, I see a light in the darkness. Guess one of the neighbours is getting up for work.

No rain yesterday, John painted the shed with the first coat of protector, today no rain so the lovley Julie said on last nights local news. Second and final coat on today, I hope.

The inlaws "MIGHT" be up tomorrow to stay with the brothers sister. For once I can understand why it is yet another "might be up". Johns niece is having a breakdown and is in hospital. She's only allowed out with her Dad and Mum aka the inlaws. They have had a hell of a week, and I think they need a break before bil heads back to work next week. I don't know how he does his job, getting up and 3am six days a week, then driving for a couple of hundred miles a day.

Got a bit side tracked there, going on about bils job. So the inlaws will stay with Pam until Saturday then come here. They are going to phone us if they do get up here tomorrow and we've been invited around for drinks and snacks. GAWD I hate being the only one who doesn't drink. They of course get noisy. I take myself off into the living room and watch DVD's with Georgia. Hum wonder if I'll stay awake LOL. I hate driving home at in the dark. My eyes are weird.

Poor John has had a raging tooth ache since Monday, been taking antibiotics and goes to the dentist on Friday. We know he has to have a root canel, but he's convinced that the upper tooth needs one too. Poor baby.

Spike is snoring so loud, I can hear him and he's in my bedroom. I wish I could fall asleep like he does. Darn dog!

John wakes me up every morning, makes my coffee and give me a back massage when he wakes me up. I told him last night that if he wakes up at 6am to wake me up and we'll get a early start to the day. LOL I think I'll go make noise in the kitchen at 6 and wake him up instead.

Must phone the doctors office and see if my meds are ready for pickup. I'm out of the muscle relaxers and I need them badly. Roll on the 3rd Oct. That's the pain clinic day. Anyone want a swollen lower back that feels like someone is twisting a knife in my spine and then let in 1000 ants? Before that someone left they turned the heat up under my skin, right where the 1000 ants are hanging around. Gotta keep a sense of humour about this yeah know.

Maybe I should ramble more often. Second thoughts if I do that y'all will know how fragmented my brain can be at times.

A quick spell check and I'm going to enjoy my first cup of coffee for the day.

The time is now 05:25

Well hell, I just told the stupid spell check the learn a word that was spelled wrong. HUMPT I was teaching it how to spell in English, as apposed to American English. So if you find it ignore it, tell me what it was or do none of the two. LOL


Denise said...

Stupid spellchecker doesn't work well for American English either. It doesn't ever learn what I tell it to learn. It thinks it is smarter than I am. It is wrong.


Vanda said...

LOL Denise i'm glad it wasnt' just me!!!!

~ nellenelle said...

Rambling is good, go for it! I was remarking tonight how it gets dark so damn early, not quite the same as dark in the AM, but then... I'm matching yer pooch!