Friday, February 22, 2008

Well Hello BT broadband, I think I love you!

Dang it's hard getting used to another broadband service. What I don't like about it is I can't put all my favourites in one place, I can put six on the home page and the rest go into a Yahoo folder then I have to remember what is where, but thinking about it maybe I need to make a new folder. Silly me of course that's what I'll do. I loooove how much faster it connects than AOL. No waiting 5 minutes, no "not responding" messages. Did I mention how quicker it connects? I find the home page a bit busy but I'm slowly getting that sorted.

The hardest thing is remembering to change my email address. I must have eleventy hundred places to do that, let alone trying to remember when I comment on a blog. Oh I remembered the really important stuff like the bank, library and my blog. But the catalogues I use for online shopping, nope still haven't done it.

Talking of catalogues, I ordered two pair of stretch jeans for myself today. All winter I've been wearing a pair of sweat pants that belonged to hubby. I only wear them because they are so comfortable on my bank and don't press on "that" spot at all. But it's about time I got something more appropriate to wear out shopping. Heh, I even went mad and paid for priority delivery.

I have 174 feeds to catch up on, maybe I just have to many and should chop my list down. Nope that will never happen. Back to blog reading!

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thrice said...

Make sure that you get Firefox ( ) as our browser. It's free and easy to get used to.

Congrats on getting a new broadband