Saturday, February 09, 2008

Dear AOL and Carphone Warehouse

Eight years I've been with AOL and had great service until last year. I recommended you to lots of people for your great customer service. Then AOL was sold to Carphone warehouse and my problems started and I really really hate that white screen of death!

As soon as you send me the MAC code I am signing up with BT broadbad. Take your "AOL is not responding" message and send it to India. Telling me I do not have enough space is stupid, I know it's because your tech support person in India did not understand what I was telling him and further more didn't trasfer me to someone else, even though I asked him to. "They will tell you the same thing" he said. Mind you telling me that was a great way to get rid of me because after more than 15 minutes on the live tech support online, I was ready to reach into my screen and do some damage to him..

So within three working days acording to your customer service rep in India is all I have to wait until I can order my brand new broadband package. It will take five working days to get to me then, I'm outta here!

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