Saturday, December 01, 2007

Wants and needs

I've tried not to let my disability payments get sucked into the regular budget and just get spent on stuff. So I don't have it paid into our bank account, I have it deposited into a post office account. So I can only get the money from the post office. Every 28 days I trot, well drive to the p.o. and pull out the money.

Only one month did it get sucked in and that's because I didn't have plans in my mind for it. It pays for my mobility scooter every month, and I don't have to do a thing.

So when I needed a new dishwasher waited until payday and could pay cash! It was nice not having to worry about can we, can't we afford it.

I've used part of it to stock up the cupboards for the last couple of months, that was a want and need.

I have a catalogue or two that I buy from and spend the payments monthly, although I pay way more than is requited. Not a lot of money but sort of nice when they have bogof's for something I want.

Ordered some new pretty dishes and they are really nice. A want for sure but I hated the old ones and I couldn't put them in the microwave even though it said it was safe and a bogof.

Oh these look so pretty in draw I keep opening the drawer to look at them giggle. My new and very expensive Royal Dalton cutlery. A want and a need because my old ones were cheap, a bogof and I was oh so tired on them. The news one's are heavy and beautifully plain. Sadly not a bogof but I didn't give a damn!

Did I really need to have a pretty pink electric kettle and water filter thingy? No, but I wanted something pretty and useful. A want and not quite a need and I paid cash LOL. Now I want a new bin to match but sheese I'm having trouble trying to even talk myself into it because that a lot of money for bin at £45.00. Hmmm maybe I should go to one of my catalogue websites and see what they have going in the bin department.

A new wok, nice and heavy and a name brand even, but I paid less than £20.00, ok it was 19.99 but that's still not quite twenty quid. A want by both of us, even though I do all of the cooking LOL.

I need a new toaster, I can't make up my mind if I want the pink one that's so plain looking and two slice or the cream one that both of my sil's have, that I really like and is a four slice. Oh the decision, decisions LOL.

We need new carpet for living room and hall but can't get them until the decorating is finish, so that'll be sometime next year.

Still all in all I'd rather not have the need for disability payments thank you.

Time to load the dishes in the dishwasher, wash the new cutlery by hand because I don't want to put in the dishwasher LOL even though it's safe to do so

bogof = by one, get one free!


Karen of Scottsdale said...

nice to have funds socked away for that stuff

thrice said...

Certainly, I wish for your health, too. In lieu of that, I am glad that you can have some material wants to make you smile through out the day.