Sunday, October 14, 2007

Where there is a John, there is a way!

My power cord went poof again three days ago. This morning hubby fixed it again. Oh boy was I a happy camper. Walked across the room to my book case and pulled the bloody wire, waaa I didn't realise that it wasn't hooked on the hook. Ummm back on batter power again! My battery only lasts about an hour then it keep switching it's self off. No matter how often I turn the damn thing on, it won't stay on. Changed all the setting a month ago so the lappy never turns it's self off but no deal.

Anyway hubby didn't get mad at me for being soooo stupid and fixed it again. All I want it to last is a few more weeks until the beginning of November......must remember to treat it very gently!!!

Next year after I've taken driving lessons, I am going to buy a new lappy. I found a really nice looking 17" screen laptop where we got the dishwasher from but I'm thinking when the hell would I use the number key pad next to the keys, sighh I won't but I'd sure love to have a big screen though.

Hopefully I'll be back.

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