Friday, August 31, 2007

Honestly some men!

We popped over to Clare to hit the C0-Op for a few bits to last over the weekend. Standing at the check out, some guy touched my arm to turn me to him. WTF? Then he said I was just checking to see if you were one of those nasty nicotine users! Boom!!!, went my temper. I told him in a loud voice, "that happens to be a pain patch and what business it of yours"? I yanked open my shopping bag and waved my cigarettes in his face. I told him "you are very rude and lucky I didn't smack him for touching me." "I was only joking" he said. WTF? Why is that guys say that when they have upset a women who is a perfect strange to them?

Heh, the only reason he didn't get a punch in the face was my hubby grabbed my arm before it could get to high when he saw him taking his hand off me. Good job hubby turned around when he did or I might have gotten into big trouble if someone called the police.
Personally I think he got caught looking at my unfettered breasts and didn't know what to say, the prick.

In other news, I dropped my iron the side bit down on the damn carpet. Now I'm waiting to see if the melted carpet can be gently scrapped off the little bit that got on the face plate. Oh hell, I'm going to be so pissed off if I have to buy a new one next week. I hate this iron but don't want to lay out for a new one just now.

My spell check on here isn't' working at the moment, the v key only works when it wants to and then I end up with a line or two that I don't want. Oh good spell check works now I've posted then edited.

My Readers Digest came this morning, something to read later.

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Kay Dennison said...

lol Tooooooooooo funny! You go, girlfriend!