Friday, August 17, 2007

Did you know I was married to a cool dude?

We were going to turn into the driveway that leads to the parking area at the back of our bungalows and there were a bunch of kidlets on bikes, skates, skate boards or just playing. Hubby stopped the car and asked them to move away because he didn't want to run them over. You know that kind of looks that kids can give to adults and just sort of stayed where they were. Until one of them said hey you guys move. This is a cool dude and like magic they were away from danger.

Yeppers he's a cool dude! I'm proud of the old boy!


Stacie said...

That's cute! Every once in a while, you run into a kid that kinda redeems the rest of them. LOL
Sounds like your hubby is one cool dude if he elicited that remark from a kid!
Thanks for the visit and kind words on my blog.

Kay Dennison said...

How neat!!!!!!!!! The kids on my block think I'm cool. They come and sit on the porch with me.