Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wishing my life away.

Wishing it was Wednesday already, so I can go and order a new dishwasher. Then I'll be wishing it was delivery day LOL.

It's hot y'all, even with the fan blasting on me I feel like I'm melting. Good job I'm English, it's in our genes to bitch about the weather. What is even better is the job my deodorant is doing.


~ nellenelle said...

I really miss having a dishwasher, sigh... have fun!

BTW, I see you started blogging again in July... har! I would check and there was no postings for several months. Nice to see you writing again.

Vanda said...

Thanks kiddo.

Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo! I got your email. I am ridiculously busy and decided the web had to go for a fair amount of time. I miss all of my friends here terribly but don't imagine I'll be back much before the holidays. Love ya! Pam