Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Whine, whine, whine.

Who'd of thunk that if I did that about getting the junk drawer out that John would do it for me LOL. Lesson learned!

No news on the baby front. My granddaughter is still pregnant and more than ready to have this baby girl. I wouldn't have liked being pregnant in the Mojave Desert in height summer, ugh!

It's cold in this house today, should I put the heat on? I'm not too cold but hubby is, nah let him put a sweater on or something.

We were total sloth's yesterday. I didn't make my bed until I got up from my nap gigggle. The kitchen got tidied up at dinner time and that's about all I did and planned on doing. Good job really because my back was killing me.

I had to order a couple of refills for my meds and I can pick them up on Thursday, then I have to take one of them on a printed script to the pharmacy and get it filled. My doctors office does not keep class A drugs in stock. Not that I blame for them, they were broken into earlier this year. Who ever did it climbed to the roof and broke in that way. Now the surgery looks like a prison camp with barred wire all around the edge of the roof.

Off to the pain clinic tomorrow to a two hour class for a tens machine. I've had one before and didn't find it much help but I'll follow the system. Ugh I'm dreading the Facet Joint injections next month. No I'm not dreading it I'm scared stiff about having it done. All i hope is they sedate me enough so I stay still and not move at the crucial moment. At the moment no one but no one can touch my back, sigh.

Enough rambling from my little corner of the world.

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Jaime said...

Oh I love the retired life to look forward to. Some days I would love to have a sloth life.