Thursday, August 24, 2006

Enough already!!!

I'm been feeling sort of down in the dumps the last couple of weeks. Not much interested in blogging for myself, just reading other blogs. Bah, I hate it when that feeling hits. I need to give myself a good slap up the side of the head!!!

A bit happier today because some bills have been paid off and the freezer and cupboards are stocked up. And tomorrow I can order my wireless card and my camera cord. Whoo Hoo I can post some pictures. But I'm still not as happy as I normally am.

My granddaughters doctor was a week out on her due date, she was due yesterday not the 28th that she told her all through the pregnancy. But her OB is going to induce her on Friday, 6pm if she isn't in labour by then. As a lot of people have told me that's just not on. I'm going to try and talk to her tonight online and see if I can talk her into waiting for at least a week. We shall see because I'm not convinced that if there isn't a good reason for her to be induced I can talk her out of it.


Lee said...

yay for the full freezer...and paying gotta snap out of it with a baby coming ;)

~ nellenelle said...


There are times where I force myself to put forth writings out here, because I fear the withdrawal... have been wrestling this for a while, so totally understand. Sending ya good thoughts...