Saturday, July 29, 2006

Spike saved my life and another hot day.

Maybe thunderstorms later. Yeah right, surrrrre there will be. Good job it's our right to complain about the weather LOL.

Not much going on in my little village, life is slow. Lots of reading, computer time and generally lazing around. I'll have a lovely clean house when it gets cooler. No sense getting over heated is there? Poor Spike he is just hating this weather. Of course I wouldn't want to be wearing a fur coat at the moment either.

Spike saved my life the other night. I've never heard him growl like he did. He was standing over me just after I got in bed. I swear the thought he was a huge rotty. Then he was up at the window trying to get out. I'd heard a noise just before that and was too damn scared to look at the window. John came rushing in my bedroom, then we all looked out of the window. Yep there was something in the back garden................. a hedgehog!!!!!! Gigggle he was saving me from a little hedgehog that was sitting in the middle of the lawn. How the heck he heard that I'll never know. I know dogs have good hearing but blimey!


skeet said...

Good dog! Give the boy a medal ... or at least a liver snap!

Vanda said...

He got a couple of extra treats the next day. I think that the hedgehog lives in my back yard. Spike had it cornered again last night LOL.

Ballpoint Wren said...

Good doggie! Those hedgehogs can be very dangerous creatures, sneaking up on humans like that!

Mandy said...

lol at your doggie.. but he did good! Just don't play 'cry wolf' with him, next time it really could be something untoward.

Isn't the weather lovely now, rain rain and more rain.. Ahh heaven!