Sunday, July 02, 2006

Queen, Blondie and a sexy dress

Yep that's me doing housework at 6:30 this morning. I woke up at 3:55 got up for a bit, went back to bed and was up making coffee at about 5ish. It was 70F in my house furcryingoutloud. So after coffee, hubby went to do some gardening in the back garden and I put on my cool, sexy sun dress that I got from the charity shop, stuck the CD's in the DVD. I know all the tracks by heart on those two CD's and got rocking with the housework. Next one to go on is Reba unless John come in.

I love that dress, I feel sooo purdy and sexy in it. Besides it's the coolest item of clothing I own. Unless I just wear a bra and panties and that's not a pretty sight, besides anyone walking past would be able to see me and go blind and that wouldn't be nice now, would it? All
because I have to have the lights on thanks to the huge tree we have in front. Lucky it's not in our garden because I would have had it pruned back to nothing. I know, I know tress are important but not when the damn thing is blocking your light.

I got a lot of stuff done already and it's almost 9:30 and that's with having a half hour break. My back has told me enough is enough so I'm sitting on my hinnie until I feel like getting up and finishing the kitchen.


Karen of Scottsdale said...

I take my bra off in the afternoons and evenings to feel cooler and sexy. lol

~ nellenelle said...

I'm not seeing this pic?

In any case, glad it made you feel good!

Sandra said...

Vanda, this may not be the right place to do this but I don't know where else to reach you. Thanks for visiting my blog and I will come here and let you know when I start a new one. I was wondering what brought you to my blog - but now I see it must have been nelle. Small world, lol!

Patricia said...

everyone needs a cool strappy dress to feel sexy in :)

Karen of Scottsdale said...

Vanda, you need to update your Bloglines subscription to my new domain. Just delete the Bloglines subscription you have for my old blog and then go to my new blog and subscribe with Bloglines there. That way you should get the new updates.

Vanda said...

Thanks Karen, I did that.