Thursday, June 29, 2006

Eating my own words.

I hate it when I have to eat my own words!!!!! Hubby has had bad days ever since he had that stroke. Now he has heart trouble and emphysema he gets them more often. He gets really fed up when he has a bad day and gets angry with himself. I always say to him, just go with the flow, there isn't anything that has to be done that can't wait until you fell better.

Monday and Tuesday were bad back days for me, then on Thursday I woke up with angina pains and after using that damn spray I get an instant cluster migraine. And I forgot to take the Zomig. I can't believe I. Forgot. To. Take. The. Zomig! Not only that I went and got in bed with the hot hubby and went back to sleep. That's the worst thing I can do, lay down. Between the angina and the cluster I feel exhausted.

Guess who was ranting about having bad days? Yep that was me. Guess who told me to "go with the flow"? Giggle of course he did and that was when I had to eat my own words giggle.

Hot hubby? Giggle his body gets so warm when he's in bed he feel hot to me.


Denise said...

Go with the flow, girl. And take your meds!

~ nellenelle said...

Indeed, go with the flow, ya never know where ya end up!

Karen of Scottsdale said...

I get real hot when I'm asleep.